Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inaugural Rockefeller Fat Ass Snow Marathon

Three to four inches of snow blanketed Rockefeller State Park for today's training run that became the first annual Rockefeller Fat Ass Snow Marathon.  The actual distance covered was about 26.6 miles, which, due to deep snow (in spots) and tricky footing took nearly 6 hours to cover. 

5 runners started the self-supported event at 8:00 AM - Wayne Bates, Emmy Stocker, Doug Vaughn, Tom Triumph and the author.  The course consisted of two 3-hour loops at Rockefeller State Park on snow covered carriage trails, with 3,280 feet of elevation gain and loss.  Many congrats to all of the finishers, especialy Emmy who also put in a 20-mile road run yesterday.

I tested the Osprey Talon 22 pack (had it filled with about 10 pounds) and found it to be fantastic.  I also used the Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks, and even though my feed were soaking wet by the end of the run, not a single blister to talk about.

Below is a collection of images taken from the trails, as well as a map of the course.

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Tom, ready to roll.

Emmy and Tom

Doug, Emmy and Tom

Doug, Me and Emmy


The Lead Pack

View of the Hudson River

Most of the trails looked like this.

Tom took a nap at the 20-mile mark.....

....but woke to do snow angels with Doug.

Wayne and Emmy

Doug, Me, Tom and Wayne (thanks for taking the pic, Emmy)


  1. Tom took a nap at the 20-mile mark.....
    LOLOL ahhhh whatever it takes to get in the blog huh Tom, even a Face Nap, well u got that beard to keep ya warm :-)

    Great Job guys and glad there were no planes in that Hudson River shot.

    Hope you had some hot chocolate after all that with tiny marshmallows --yummy!!

  2. LOL!! Dude that looks like a killer time ;D

  3. Very impressive.
    I am a new and BIG fan of the Drymax Cold Weather socks. Not a blister on my foot since I started with them and I've struggled with blisters since I took up running.

  4. Wish I lived closer to you guys; you do such terrific runs! Great job!

  5. 2 loops! 6 hours! one word - hardcore!!

    awesome :D

  6. Wow. That's impressive timing in such conditions!

  7. DANG!!! You guys are hardcore!!! It was 70 here yesterday for our race!! LOL

    I am so excited to hear that the whole gang is coming back for Javelina again! I think we are going to have another party in the desert!

  8. I just came across your blog. You guys are hardcore, like some of the athletes from here. I can tell you're an attorney by your style of writing.

  9. Nice work guys! I wish I had some people to brave the cold with me on my long run Sunday! I love the snow angel picture and especially the one with the runner face down in the snow! Keep up the good'll all be over soon ;0)

  10. anthony ---thanks for putting this together --this was the longest I have gone since Nov. and wouldn't have been able to go it alone --wish Frank had joined us (and staci and kristen). Wouldn't have been able to join you if the 15K wasn't postponed --with all the times you dropped your camera in the snow am surprised the pics came out:))))...

  11. Awesome! You guys rock. Very cool run...

  12. Untouched snow - so beautiful. Great job you guys.