Monday, February 2, 2009

Hardrock Acceptance List and Wait List Posted

The 2009 Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run Acceptance List and Ordered Wait List has been posted.  Click HERE to view document.

Notable runners on the wait list include Andy Jones-Wilkins (#12) and Geoff Roes (#14). Karl Meltzer, Betsy Nye and Olga Varlamova highlight the list of those accepted.

For those not familiar with the entry selection procedure for Hardrock....

All runners must meet the qualifying standards defined on the online entry requirements page.  Entrants with five or more finishes will be automatically accepted (assuming they have met the qualifying criteria). The male and female winners of the prior year's event will be automatically accepted. The remaining entry slots up to 140 will be chosen in a weighted lottery. The number of "tickets" an applicant has in this lottery will be determined as follows:

  • All qualified applicants get one ticket.
  • Applicants with 1-4 Hardrock finishes ever will get one additional ticket for each finish.
  • Top-5 male and top-5 female finishers in 2008 get one additional ticket each (except the winners, who are already accepted).
  • Up to one additional ticket will be provided to any entrant from the past three years who did not start. This includes runners who were on the wait list or who withdrew from the wait list or accepted list for any reason.
  • No additional tickets will be provided to runners for DNFs.
  • Applicants who have performed special services for Hardrock may receive one or two additional tickets. We have generally set a high bar for awarding extra tickets (i.e., simply working an aid station or pacing another runner isn't enough), but those who worked both days of last June's Handies Peak trail construction party will get an additional ticket. If you think you have performed a special service, please list it on the application for selection board review.
After the 140 slots are filled, the drawing will be continued to produce an ordered waiting list of qualified applicants. Confused? Sorry, but this is the fairest system we could come up with that rewards longtime supporters of Hardrock, while giving newcomers a fighting chance. This algorithm has been modified from the one used the previous five years, to increase the chances of getting in for first time entrants, and improve upon other bits of social engineering.


  1. Hell, as if the race ain't hard enough, they have to make getting in even harder. ha Good luck to all the wait-listed!

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  3. Eck, messed up that last message. Let me try again:

    Sounds like getting in is as arduous as running the darn thing.

  4. See you at Rocky. Looks like we have the same goal - sub 24.

  5. Ugh - you lost me at "qualifying standards..."

    I think the long distance thing won't work.

  6. Have a great run at RR. It was my first 100. I did it in 23:51. You can do it too, for sure! I'll be cheering for you.