Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Training Summary

The long President's Day weekend brought a great opportunity to get back on the trails after a short layoff after Rocky Raccoon 100.  Also, with the kids in Colorado for the week on a ski trip, the weekend provided a little peace and quiet, well, almost too much peace and quiet.

On Saturday I met an amazing person, Dave James, at Rockies.  Dave is a super nice guy, and is fresh off his 2nd place finish in the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica.  He is one heck of a runner and pushed me for 6+ miles.  I would have certainly taken it easy had I been by myself, but Dave had us moving and bounding up all the hills.  On Sunday I was able to get nearly 10 miles in at Rockies, and followed that up with an easy 5 miler yesterday.  So, it seems as if recovery from the 100 is going quite well.

On an odd note, how about this story all over the news here this morning coming out of Stamford, CT :

Woman's Hands Bitten Off; Owner Stabs Chimp Several Times Before Police Gun Down 200-Pound Animal



  1. Good to hear your recovery is going well!

  2. What tha?!? Why on Earth did that dude have a chimp as a pet?! That is just one crazy story.

  3. That's just crazy with the news story. Mental illness perhaps? Seemed like it was doing fine until that day. Good stuff on the running. I guess the knee is doing well.

  4. That almost happened to ME with MY chimp but we sat down, had a cup of tea, and discussed how biting was a bad thing. ha Crazy freaking people!!
    Glad you're up and runnning again! Keep it up! Peace!

  5. The article title alone is wild!

  6. Glad you are recovering well.
    My friend was one of the first responders to the chimp episode. He said it was quite the gruesome sight.

  7. I saw that article too. Yikes is right!