Saturday, March 21, 2009

50K, Shoes and More Shoes

Today's final long run before the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run (April 4) started way better than last week's long run.  Thanks to the help of Wayne, Dot, Kristen and Pam (who donated a crap-load of shoes - Pam, how on earth did you accumulate so many shoes ?)  this morning we delivered well over 20 pairs of shoes to Alicja Baharona for delivery to Niger.  The shoe exchange was followed by 31+ miles and 4,100+ feet of climbing on the trails at Rockies.  Unfortunately, no pictures....but, here's a look at a map of the run and the elevation profile :

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  1. Wow you've logged some serious miles in that park. Good stuff...

  2. Nice going Tony. Long run with elevation. Enjoy your taper, can't believe you are heading out for another 100 already. Where does the time go? Seems like Rocky was only two weeks ago. Nice job on the shoe donations.

  3. Great job getting ready for Umstead. Enjoy the taper, you've certainly earned it.
    As for shoes ... all it took was one email to my girls' class list and in flooded the shoes. I've got 15 more pair collected since Friday. Happy to be able to help such a good cause.

    - - - Pam

  4. nice long run all around --enjoy the taper --is it really less than 2 weeks -wow...

  5. Great long run, Tony! Looks like you're going strong! So what kind of run is Umstead? Mountainous? Flat? Let me know! Good luck to ya! Peace!