Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Badwater Training : 51 Days to Go

Just a quick update.....I'm getting ready to head to the Pineland Farms 50 Mile this morning.  The flu (or whatever this bug is) is still lingering, so I'm not really sure how it will go, but at least I will get some warm weather miles in.

Also a quick update on my new (and only) friend from Alaska, Brittni Radford.  I got this in an e-mail from her yesterday:
"I went to the Dr. yesterday to put my family's minds at ease and they said that both of my legs are fractured and I pulled some muscles and tendons in the back of my knees."

Holy cow !  Well, wish her the best for a speedy recovery.  Have a great holiday weekend !


  1. Wow! That's pretty extreme. Sheesh, I hope she gets well quick but unfortunately fractures don't heal until they are darn good and ready. What a shame.

    Good luck to you. Hang in there. ;)

  2. Wow. What a bummer about Brittini. Puts a new meaning to how she triumphed over 100 miles.

    Feel better Tony ... don't push too hard.


  3. I can't believe you been counting down since the 68th day. Don't you get nervous as it gets closer. I remember last year for Kettle Moraine, I would go to Bob's blog but consciously avoid his countdown timer. Well the worst of that cold is probably over but it will linger if you don't get enough rest. Remember college when you would have a month long cold because you were constantly working and stressing. Maybe you were the type the got your work done early and fast.

  4. Hope your race went well today!