Friday, June 19, 2009

2009 Badwater Training : More Sauna, Less Awkwardness

Monday's post "revealed" the interesting experiences I had while visiting the sauna at the gym in New York City.  Starting on Tuesday, I decided to do my heat training in White Plains at the newest New York Sports Club in Westchester County (which has a 25 yard pool, racquetball courts, and full court basketball).  Much, much better, and far cleaner then the gyms in the City I went to.  It certainly isn't easy sitting in there for a long period of time.  I find myself getting impatient and wanting to get up and move around.  Two more days at 35 minutes, then it will be time to move up to 45 minutes.  Here's a snap shot of the heat training week so far :

Mon.:  20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Tues.:  Day off - traveling for work.
Wed.:  26 minutes at 187 degrees.
Thur.:  35 minutes at 187 degrees in long sleeve shirt and sweat shirt.
Fri.:  35 minutes at 187 degrees in long sleeve shirt and sweat shirt.


  1. 187 degrees? Holy crap, that's HOT!

  2. Glad you have a better sauna to use, but I can't imagine sitting in there for that long!

  3. Nice. Maybe it's time to drop your drawers and start doing crunches. I stretch when I'm in the sauna and even that easy activity makes me sweat a lot more. I can't imagine crunches. Yeah boredom is my number one enemy in the sauna.