Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Beautiful Day For A Run

Finally !  An entire week of rain finally gave way to a beautiful sunny Saturday in New York, and that meant a great day for a 7 hour trail run.  Today I got to run with a whole host of people.  I started at 6:15 AM with the wife, then circled back to the parking lot at Rockies to meet Kristen.  After an hour with Kristen, we met Dot and Wayne and ran for another hour and a half.  Along the way we saw Alicja and famous Badwater finisher Nick "where's my $#$#%$ soup" Palazzo.  At some point we joined them and their friend Ojars for several hours.  It was a ton of fun and a great day for a long run. 

Now it is time to follow the live webcasts of the two 100-milers taking place this weekend.  The San Diego 100 Webcast is not looking too good at all.  So far it hasn't shown a single update.  The Kettle Moraine 100 Webcast is running smoothly.


  1. Glad the weather provided you with a great day for training!

  2. ho hum just a little 7 hour trail run - lol

    Nice job Bro, now get ur ass in the sauna for a few weeks!!

  3. 7 hours on the trails with friends and family.. sounds like a lot of fun

  4. Geez, our ultra community is pretty low-key. I didn't even realize it was being Webcasted. Glad you had a good run. A little rain can change anything once it stops.