Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back At It

It was great to stretch the legs at Rockies this morning.  Finally, after taking a little bit of time off, I was back at it with a nice 14+ mile run.  I met 3:11 marathoner Aaron at the park early in the AM.  Aaron saw an article on our Badwater journey in the local paper and looked me up online.  That boy is fast.

Jen had a great point in her comment on Tuesday's post :

"Tony you forgot something very important. YOU RAISED OVER $7,000 FOR THE CAF!! you have no idea the impact that will make on others lives. One of our Getting 2 Tri athletes just got a racing chair from CAF. I would like to think it was directly related to what the 6 of us did out there."
Getting2Tri provides coaching, training and mentoring to physically-challenged (PC) athletes in the sports of swimming, running, cycling and triathlon. Specifically, they address the needs of individuals with limb loss, paralysis, muscular or neurological disorders and create a unique community of support. They create grass-roots communities at the local level where individuals with a disability can integrate with running, swimming or cycling clubs, or triathlon clubs and certain civic organizations in support of our mission.  Please visit the Getting2Tri web-site and consider making a donation to help a physically-challenged athlete.

The excitment of finishing, the trip home and then to crew at Vermont 100, and getting back into the swing of things with work and family, took its toll, so much so that I forgot a very important thank-you that I should have not forgotten, that is, my lonog-time coach Lisa Smith-BatchenLisa has has been my coach for the last 4+ years.  I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and shown incredible improvement under her tutelage.  She hooked me up with 3 of my crew-members (Jen, Lane and Jeff), and was a constant support during my effort.  I cannot thank Lisa and her family enough for the years of friendship.

In the meantime, I continue to sift thought the 60+ videos that the crew took at Badwater, and, to the extent they are share-worthy, I will begin to post them.  In the meantime, I came across some pre-race photos that I took.......
Me and Jen

Jen and Lane


The Temp in Furnace Creek Saturday Night



Jen and Lane


Me and 2-Time Women's Champion Jamie


  1. good job with your run and SUPER DUPER WAY TO GO with your fundraising, that is quite a good deal of money to have raised for CAF.

  2. Glad you are running well after Badwater! David and I will see you at the Grand Teton’s in September. Jamie

  3. So what does 14 miles feel like after doing 135? It must feel like a walk in the park :)
    Glad to see you've recovered nicely from BW.