Friday, September 18, 2009

"From My Driveway, Take a Short Jog....."

You just have to love a 100-mile race course description that includes a turn sheet that reads like Mapquest directions.  This is exactly how the description portion of it reads :

From my driveway, take a short jog to the Left turn on Fogg Ln. At the top of Fogg Ln turn Right on Ipswich Dr and make a short jog to Bardell Dr. Turn Left on Bardell Dr, and go straight across McKennans Church Rd. In about 0.2 miles, turn Left on Arundel Dr. Follow Arundel Dr for 0.6 miles to the pedestrian crossing at Limestone Rd. Cross Limestone Rd then turn Right uphill for 0.7 miles, then turn Left on Old Linden Hill Rd. Travel 0.4 miles on Old Linden Hill Rd until it dead ends in a parking lot. From this parking lot, you will pick up a short section of single track trail which takes you out to New Linden Hill Rd. Make note of this spot since you will need to use this cut-off on the return, otherwise, you will go all the way to Limestone Rd and will add some miles or get lost. I’ll have some markings at the critical turns, or you can just follow Fred, since he knows the course.

Turn Left on New Linden Hill Rd, cross Skyline Dr., and travel for 1.4 miles to the shopping center at the corner of New Linden Hill Rd and Polly Drummand Hill Rd. Cut behind the shopping center (best way to avoid cars in the parking lot) over to Polly Drummand Hill Rd. Turn Right on Polly Drummand Hill Rd, and travel 1.6 miles to Paper Mill Rd. There will be a self-serve water drop near the intersection of Polly Drummand Hill and Paper Mill. At night, this is the turn-around for the out-and-back road loop. The distance to this point is 5.5 miles, so the road loop will be 11 miles.

On race day morning, you turn Left on Paper Mill Rd and travel 1.5 miles to the trail head where you will take a Left turn onto the single track trail. From the trail head, it is roughly 0.5 miles to the trail aid station where your drop bag will be. The trail loop will be nominally 10.25 miles, and will have one self-serve water drop which you will pass twice. After doing four laps on the trail, you return to my house the way you got to the trail. To complete the 100 miler, you do four laps on the road.
Oh, the race ? The Delaware 100 Mile Endurance Run, complete with 22 registered entrants, and, in true Fat Ass style, it is free.  No, I am not entered, but I will be there to crew for and pace Meredith Murphy, in her first 100-mile venture since giving birth to daughter Zoe this summer.  Perhaps we will try some Utterli audio updates from the race course.
On a separate note, I have thrown my name in the hat to run a challenging race in 2010 that I hadn't previously considered.  Right now it is semi-top secret....more to come on that later.


  1. Hoping that means you are in Western States?!

  2. Pete, nope...WS entry period opens in 13 days, then you have to survive the lottery. Not WS100.

  3. good luck in delaware. hope all goes well for you and meredith