Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grand Teton Races 50 Mile Elevation Profile

Here is a look at the elevation profile for the 50-mile race at the Grand Teton Races.  The profile was recorded by the newly released Garmin Forerunner 310XT.  The new 310XT boasts a 20-hour battery life (great for ultra runners and triathletes), 50 meter waterproof depth, and transitions from wrist to bike mount in seconds (with the optional quick release and bike mounts).  Data is wirelessly transferred to the computer (with no cables or hookups) using the wireless ANT USB stick (just bring the watch into range and it uploads).  

The new Garmin Connect web-site (which replaced the old MotionBased site and allows you to view your GPS data) has some flaws.  While the new layout and presentation of activities is great, it does not include the MotionBased elevation correction technology, which leads to a mis-reporting of actual elevation gain/loss.  For example, the GTR 50 mile is supposed to have about 10,000 feet of elevation gain/loss.  Garmin Connect reports 15,082 feet of elevation gain/loss.  However, the distance calculated by the 310XT was just about spot on.  For the 50-miler, it reported 49.82 miles.  For the GTR Trail Marathon, it reported 26.07.  Not too bad at all.


  1. Yeah, I was angry enough to switch to sporttracks when garmin decided to disable motionbased before implementing elevation correction in garminconnect. Told them my concern and they didn't seem to care. I was a paying customer of motionbased's, too.

  2. The lack of elevation (and distance) correction in Garmin Connect is asinine. It pisses me off... especially since it worked so well in Motion Based. I wish they'd have legacied MB until it's functionality equaled that of MB.

    I'll save the rant on not having a chart with simultaneous display of various data for another day.