Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grand Teton Races - Update

Just a quick post 'cause I'm hungry !  Utterli audio posts didn't work so well with the poor cell service.  The 50-miler went great, and I hit my goal of 12 hours (12:00:27 to be exact), putting me in 14th place.  I spend a lot of the last 20 miles with one of the 100-mile runners, Lynne, a triathlete from New York.  She was having a go at it in the 14.4 mile section, so I tried to push her along and get her to move with me.  With about 5 miles left in my race she told me to get the hell going.  I'll be keeping an eye on her tonight and tomorrow.

Great stuff from others as well....more on that later.


  1. Nice job Tony! Enjoy the marathon tomorrow.

  2. great job!! tom should be a nice recovery run. good luck to you and your wife in her first marathon, so exciting.

  3. Pictures of Tony at GTR, scroll down past all the boring text:

    It was lots of fun running with you Tony. Congratulations on your Double Finish! Thanks for putting up with me!!!

  4. 14th place?! Wow, fantastic news, Tony.