Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blister Free At Javelina in Drymax Socks

One of the things that I neglected to mention in my Javelina Race Report was how things went blister-wise.  Well, simply put - blister free with Drymax Socks.  It is an absolutely amazing feeling to NOT have to worry about your feet during a 100-mile event, especially one run on a course that is a mix of sand and gravel covered single-track trail.

I used the Drymax Trail Running Socks at Javelina.  These socks do not contain any vents, the absence of which helps to prevent dirt from getting in.  They are also have a double welted leg with extra padding around the ankle, protecting the leg and sealing the top of the shoe to keep out dirt and debris.  They have a great fit and are seamless.

Another added bonus for me with Drymax Socks has been the lack of a need to tape my feet prior to an event.  In the past I have spent over an hour the night before a race taping.  Now, I can use that time to relax and get some additional snooze time.

Not all products work "perfectly" or the same for everyone, but so far I have had tremendous success with Drymax Socks, and I recommend giving them a try if you suffer from blister issues.


  1. I am transitioning from Ijinji to Drymax on my long runs with good results. I may be going 100% to Drymax soon.

  2. You already put out a report? Dang your fast on the typing too. I've been catching up on sleep the first part of the week and didn't get my report up until last night.

    Oh and yeah, nothing like Drymax socks. I have a pair of Injinji's that Jon Gunderson gave me earlier in the year, his sponsor, it's gonna go to someone's grab bag.