Saturday, November 21, 2009

Race Report - Knickerbocker 60k - Javelina Reunion

It was a beautiful day to be in Central Park for the Knickerbocker 60k.  Clear skies, temps in the 50s, lots of runners in the Park.....just perfect.  The day turned out to be somewhat of a repeat of Javelina 100, as I ran the entire 37.2 miles with Lynne.  Eric also joined us for the entire run.  We saw tons of friends today....a great way to end the 2009 racing year.  Oh, and Phil McCarthy took first place - Congrats Phil !!



Emmy and Frank


Me (right) and Frank

Me and Wayne

The Trio (Me, Eric and Lynne)


  1. Everyone looks primed to go in the early shots. That's gotta be hard on the joints to do a 60k on asphalt, but what a great venue.

  2. Glad that you survived the monotony of 9 tiny laps in the park. And, it even sounds like you had fun doing it!

  3. thx for posting the photos..good race to you, Lynne, wayne (who amazed me with running 60K on no training), eric, and everyone else!!! perfect weather on Sat., even if that pavement and those hills got somewhat tough. As Pam says, you, Eliot and Frank are entitled to eat a whole turkey:)
    Nice to meet Lynne and looking forward to seeing her at Umstead if not before...