Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help Make the Brazil 135 Mile Ultramarathon Special !

I have always found it difficult and awkward to hit friends and family up for charitable donations.  Even more challenging is having to do so multiple times for multiple charities in a single calendar year.  But, there are some causes that are simply too good and special to pass up, and what the Brazil 135 Team USA (comprised of some exceptional athletes, including legendary and elite ultra athletes Lisa Smith-Batchen, Andy Jones-Wilkins and Brian Krogmann) is doing for Casa Nosa fits that bill.

The Brazil 135 Mile Ultra ("BR135") is one of three 135-mile events that comprise the Badwater World Cup (the other two being the Arrowhead 135 Winter Ultra and the Badwater Ultramarathon).  This international series of events was established with specific goals in mind, including the aim of encouraging runners to challenge, and learn from, themselves in epic races in exotic, extreme conditions.  Held in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil,  BR135 does just that.  Considered the most difficult foot race in Brazil, this 135-mile race is run on the hardest segment of the Caminho da Fé, the most difficult Brazilian pilgrimage path.  The course boasts about 30,000 feet of cumulative ascent and 28,000 feet of cumulative descent.  It is said that completing this race is analogous to climbing up and down Mt. Everest.

Yet as challenging as BR135 may be, the plight of the children growing up in poverty and/or without parents is even tougher.  Casa Nosa Senhora do Bom Conselho (House of Our Lady of the Good Counsel) is a mission located in the City of Miracatu in the state of Sao Paolo that is devoted to helping girls from low-income families, providing psychological and social family support, including classes, counseling and meals, for 70 young ladies between the ages of 6 and 15.  A staff of 13 (which includes a psychologist, an education coordinator, and computer and physical education instructors) is devoted to keeping these girls off of the streets, where prostitution, drugs and crime are major threats, and to help them develop productive skills. 

Operating under the auspices of The Religious Teachers Filippini, the mission currently operates out of three buildings (an office building, a classroom for computer instruction, and a building for manufacturing candles).  You can help Brazil 135 Team USA by making a contribution in support of Casa Nosa, which will be used for the construction of a gymnasium building, where the children of Casa Nosa can engage in indoor sports and other educational activities.

Help us give the young children in Brazil a place to learn and play by donating today - click HERE now to donate !


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