Sunday, December 27, 2009

Polar Opposite Long Runs

Amazing the difference a day makes.  After a slushy, cold, wet, and miserable long run on Saturday, Sunday brought temperatures in the 40s and 50s, clear trails, and a gorgeous day for a 25-mile run.  The combination of rain and melting snow had the streams, rivers and lakes at Rockefeller State Park swollen and flowing.  We were even blessed with a special visit from Doug V. and a few of his Ironman buddies, including Oakes, who finished 2nd in his age group at the 2009 Ironman Championships in Hawaii.

It began in the rain....

....and the dark.

 It quickly turned into a beautiful day at the park.

Of course, we stopped by for a visit with our our favorite pigs:

This video of a stream on 13 Bridges Trail is a great example of how amazing it is at Rockies.


  1. looks like a great day and great run. Are you running Rocky Raccoon this year?

  2. Hey Dave. Rocky Raccoon is just 2 weeks after the Brazil 135-Mile. As much as I would love to do it again this year, it may be something I come and crew/pace at rather than run.

  3. Great day out there. Almost there I hope. Hopefully next weekend I can join you for a few.

  4. That does indeed sound like quite a contrast. And I enjoyed the commentary on the pig vid. I thought they were cute.