Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Survey Says......Tendonitis !

Have you ever gone to the doctor due to injury with the hope that the diagnosis is one ailment over another?  "I hope it is just a sprain and not a break." "Please let it be a bad cavity and not root canal."  Or, more relevant, "hook me up with tendonitis instead of a stress fracture."

That's basically what happened with Ginette.  Going into her MRI last Tuesday, the hope was that the latest issues with her left foot were the result of tendonitis and not a stress fracture.  Thankfully, it is tendonitis, which means that it is likley a go for both the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon (January 9) and the Walt Disney World Marathon (January 10).  Excited about the diagnosis, she was out on the trails this past Saturday for a 15-mile trail run.


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!
    So psyched to hear the good news.
    Have a great time in Disney!


  2. Good news for the new year Tony. Happy New Year to both of you and the kids. Was hanging out with your Brazil buddy Krogmann and some of the Coyotes in LA. I was even in their coffee hangout at Peets in Beverly Hills but had to leave when Brian and his coach Jimmy had to go over details for the race. So sorry no Krogmann secrets I can divulge. You psyched? Good luck.

  3. That is grat news. Hope you both have a great time next week. Rockies tomorrow?