Friday, December 18, 2009

Uh-Oh !

Although I do mention her every now and then, I tend to leave out the most integral person in my life, one that does everything and makes all of my running possible - my wife Ginette.  A non-runner for almost her entire life, over the last few years she completed a few half-marathons before taking on, and conquering, her first marathon in 2009 - not to mention that it was the Grand Teton Trail Marathon (and around 5,000 feet of elevation gain) - with an amazing time of 7:04:52.  I suppose I should also mention that she finished a good 8 minutes ahead of me! 

Her next challenge was to be Walt Disney World's Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge, which consists of running the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon on Saturday, January 9 and the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday, January 10.  That is now in doubt as a recent trip to the orthopedist has resulted in her being placed in one of those medial boots with a possible stress fracture (x-ray already taken...MRI to follow).  Her left foot and ankle have been swollen for the last several days.  Running has been somewhat painful.

I simply feel terrible about this development and the possibility of her missing the Disney races.  Thanks to her amazing understanding and patience with my travels and adventures, I got to run 15 races this year, 10 of which required spending time away from home.  She ends up running 1, maybe 2 races a year at most, and was very much looking forward to this challenge and walking around with three medals around her neck.  So, perhaps we can all band together and wish her good luck with the ultimate diagnosis and recovery.

[ Update, Friday 12/18/09 @ 3:47 PM ] - MRI is scheduled for Tuesday.  It is possible that this is just tendonitis.  Fingers crossed.


  1. That's no good. Hope she has a quick recovery.

  2. Wishing her the best ... injuries stink big time. Especially right before a big event. I know all to well 2x over. Keep us posted.

  3. There must be something going around. This is the third blog post about a possible stress fracture of the foot I've read today. Weird.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed it's tendonitis.

  4. oh no! i hope it is not a stress fracture!!

  5. Hoping for the best. Wayne

  6. Best wishes!...geez...injuries sure do suck! Although... you ever get an injury with all the races and miles you log? ;0) I think it is so great to mention that you couldn't do all of this without your strong wife. You have had such an inspiring year and it's been awesome to see your journey through Badwater, etc. I can't believe Disney is right around the corner!...and then Brazil!!! The journey continues...happy holidays! :0)