Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Ungrateful Runner

A recent post (with a link to the video below) on the Ultralist caught my attention.  Certainly, everyone has their own pet peeves regarding rude and/or inconsiderate behavior by other runners, whether it be in races or on your training runs.  Perhaps it is the runners who hog the entire trail on your training run or worse, throw empty gel packets and other trash on the trails.  Maybe it is the slower runners who insist on lining up before a race as close to the starting line as possible (making the rest of you speedsters weave your way through them), or the ones that decide to deposit the remainder of their cup of water on your shoe at an aid station (please look before you toss).  What about that guy in the race that you simply can't get away from, you know, the one that breathes heavy and has his heart rate monitor/watch beeping every second?

Then, there is the runner that won't return your simple gesture of kindness, the one that you say "hello" or "good morning" to, who just can't find it in the goodness of his or her heart to even raise their hand to acknowledge your existence.  It happens all the time, and I simply couldn't stop laughing at this video (***warning - foul language***).

Got any other pet peeves or annoyances to share?  Maybe we can compile a good list.


  1. I think Joe is gonna DNF his 100. He seems to be more of an ass-hole marathoner than an UR. ;)

  2. that was funny, especially the facebook part, hahahaa.

    i do not have that many pet peeves. maybe people who rudely pass on the trails. And I get annoyed with people who are way too concerned about everyone else. Who cares if someone BQ's or runs it for charity? Does it really matter what time someone else finished the race in? sheesh. Run your own race and do the best you can. :)

  3. That's awesome. I laughed so hard I am crying. How about those who refuse to let you by on a narrow trail forcing you to bushwack to get by.

  4. What about those runners that insist on coming at you on their wrong side of the trail? It's just like when you drive people, STAY ON THE RIGHT! ;)