Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Blister Issues In Brazil with Drymax Socks !

As I ponder the right way to present a full race report on the Brazil 135 Mile Ultra adventure (perhaps snippets of pictures, videos and descriptions broken into separate posts is the best method), I would be remiss if I failed to discuss foot care.  Blisters are one of every ultra runners biggest nightmares.  As we have seen at several 100-mile events, blisters can reduce the runner to a slow, tedious, painful death march (see the video below of Bob Gentile and Derek Hills finishing Umstead 100 in 2009).

I had a solid blister prevention strategy for dealing with the elements in Brazil.  First, I stuck with what has worked for the last year plus, Drymax Socks.  Specifically, I went with the Maximum Protection Running Socks, changing them several times throughout the 135 miles (about 4 changes).  Despite the heat and humidity, torrential and persistent rain (at times), and mud, my feet held up just fine, not once experiencing any issues with blisters or hot spots.

Post-Brazil 135 - Thanks Drymax Socks


  1. So luv my Drymax, weeeeee happy feet :)

  2. That's impressive, especially considering the climate!