Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Rest For Three Brazil 135 Participants - Next Stop Arrowhead 135

If you thought running a 135 mile foot race through the mountains, rain and mud of Brazil was tough, imagine finishing the Brazil 135 Mile Ultra only to toe the line a week later for another 135 mile journey, the Arrowhead 135, where temperatures in the area in Minnesota where the race is run have been known to dip as far as 60F degrees below zero (last year at the start it was -5F).  Arrowhead 135, the third 135-mile race in the Badwater World Cup, is a self-supported event - no outside help from anyone except other racers.  There are no support crews of any kind to aid the runners in their quest to cover 135 miles within the 60-hour time limit in frigid temperatures.  With no aid from outside sources, runners are required to carry certain "mandatory gear" (typically towed on a sled behind the runner) from the race start to the race finish, including :

-20F rated sleeping bag
Bivy sack or tent
Firestarter (matches or lighter)
Stove to heat water
8 fl. oz. of fuel at all times
A pot
Reflective gear
Whistle on a string around the runners neck.
1 day of food at all times (3,000 calories)
15 pounds of gear at all times

Three of the Brazil 135 Mile Ultra finishers that I had the honor and privilege of getting to know better last week are doing the unimaginable, and on Monday they will begin another 135 mile journey across the frigid tundra of Minnesota - my amazing friend Jarom Thurston, Ray Sanchez, and Iso Yucra.

Ray Sanchez and Me at the Start of the Brazil 135

 Iso Yucra (far right) With Connie Chavez (far left)

 Jarom Thurston

It is simply amazing to me that just a week after an epic 135-mile journey they will embark on yet another 135-mile run in challenging and extreme conditions, and I wish them and all of the other runners at Arrowhead 135 the very best of luck!


  1. I never doubted you'd come out of this race with wonderful memories and maybe a few expletive-filled videos. I can't wait to see some more of those 100s of photos.

    And I'm just in awe of everyone, not to mention questioning the sanity of these folks doing the Arrowhead 135 sans course support.

  2. simply one word comes to mind


    ya know in a good ultra way !

  3. Sick is right! Totally awesome....

  4. Back-to-back 135's is intense. Especially in such different conditions. Seems like it would be really tough to transition from the heat to the cold so quickly.