Monday, February 1, 2010

What To Expect On The Brazil 135 Mile Ultra Course

Hills.  Hills.  More hills.  Uphill.  Downhill.  Hills that eventually appear to go sideways.  With only about 10 "flat" miles in the entire race, the Brazil 135 Mile Ultra ("BR135") is certainly a series of "ups" and "downs".  Yet, the hills are not the only obstacles that you might encounter on the course at BR135.  How about bulls with huge horns, snakes, snails, and, yes, plenty of rain.  Here's a peak (in pictures and videos) of some of the fun you can expect to encounter...

The video below was taken just moments after we decided to take shelter from an impending storm.  I could see the storm approaching us, closer and closer by the minute. Me, Ken and Jarom decided to take shelter in a small c-store type structure (the gentlemen was kind enough to let us sit for about 7 or 8 minutes).  We agreed to spend no more than 10 minutes there (if it was still raining or hadn't rained yet, we would hit the road).  Ultimately, we saved ourselves some time and other issues by avoiding getting soaking wet.

After leaving the dryness of our shelter, we quickly encountered the aftermath of the brief downpour, detailed in the video and pictures below.

Bulls (or whatever the heck they were).  Being a complete chicken, I was not happy at all.  Thankfully, I was able to consistently hide behind Jarom, my theory being that he would take the brunt of the first blow.  Ken, however, just walked right through.  They always appeared to have an affinity for me and Jarom.

Indian Jones would surely not be thrilled with another potential encounter, snakes.  This one took a lunge at Ken as he passed over it.  Also, how about the size of this snail!

Hills, how can we leave those out.  This course was simply hill after hill after hill.  At one point we were all praying for uphill, as the downhills were starting to hurt the quads.  Just as you would crest a hill you would see a short dip downhill, followed by yet another climb.

The Start Of The Climb Up Pico Do Gaviao

 Almost At The Top, The Climb Gets Steeper

Tiny Water Crossing...

...and a video of the crossing...


  1. Awesome!!!! Too funny with the Bulls!!

  2. "Is this a good idea?" You could say that about a lot of things that you do! But the bulls? So funny!

  3. "This is a fine mess you're gotten us into."