Saturday, March 6, 2010

Group Run With Scott Jurek, "The King of Pain"

If you have yet to read it, there is a fantastic article in the April issue of Runner's World about Scott Jurek titled, "The King of Pain."  It opens with a strong statement:
"No one knows how to push through a bad patch better than Scott Jurek, one of the greatest ultramarathoners in history.  But recently, Jurek has endured a strong of painful setbacks that have him questioning everything - even if he wants to keep running."
Scott has been in New York for the last few days to give slide-show presentations at JackRabbit Sports, and share information about his training, diet and experiences as a world-renowned endurance athlete.  Today he hosted a group run in Central Park (a short 4+ miler) that I was lucky enough to attend (with Frank, Steve and Brennen).  I was tremendously impressed.  Scott was extremely personable, and made a conscious effort to meet each and every runner in the 50+ runner group.  He moved back and forth in the pack, introducing himself and answering any question that was asked.  He even made sure to head to the way back of the pack to make sure that all of the runners were accounted for.  I originally was on the fence about making the drive into NYC for this event, but am super glad that I did.  You could quickly tell by watching Scott interact with others that he has a passion for running, and I certainly hope that the painful setbacks that have caused him to question his desire to continue running don't lead to him hanging up his running shoes..

A few pictures from today's group run.....

Brennen and Frank
Scott Jurek Detailing the Route
Frank, Scott Jurek and Steve
Post-Run with Steve, Jenny, Me and Brennen
Scott hung around post-run to answer more questions.

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  1. I've always heard great things about this guy. One thing that the ultra world is good at doing is weeding out the jerks and allowing the true stars to shine. Thanks for that reminder with this post.