Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Race Report - Caumsett Park 50k

Sunday was a perfect day for the USA Track and Field 50k National Championship race in Lloyd Harbor, New York.  It was my 5th running of the Caumsett Park 50k.  My best time had been 4:58:01 in 2007.  This year the goal was 4:30.  Unfortunately, despite tons of help from Herb, Iliana, Cherie and Shannon, I came up short, but not short enough to miss hitting a new 50k PR - 4:48:24.

It is easy to see where things went awry with respect to hitting 4:30.  Despite several conversations with Frank on a goal pace for each of the 3.1 mile loops (there were 10 of them), I consistently overshot the goal pace for each of the first 6 loops, running some at 8:10 and 8:15 pace (instead of the 8:41 pace that would have been consistent with a 4:30 finish).  By the time I hit the marathon mark at around 3:52, I knew that 4:30 was out of reach.  If it wasn't for Cherie coming out to run the last loop, 4:48 might have been a challenge.

There were so many fantastic performances, and it was great to see so many friends out there - Phil, Emmy, Frank, Ira, Aaron, Peter L., Jill, Shannon, etc.....


Mat and Emmy

Frank (amazing 4:19:42 finish)

Me and Jill Perry (3rd Female; 3:47:59


  1. Nice work Tony! Way to push to a pr despite missing the original goal. Looks like a great day out there.

  2. Hey tony, congrats on getting the PR. That's moving. The only way I can get a PR now is to run a distance I have never run before!

  3. Congrats on the solid race. It sounds like a fun race with a lot of cool people.