Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun In Philly

I had the privilege of spending the weekend at the Philadelphia 100 Mile Endurance Run with some fantastic people: my friend Iliana, Dan Rose, Phil Rosenstein, Jamie and David Donaldson, and Jamie's awesome parents, Rex and Joanie, among others.  The main purpose of the 2 hour drive was to hang out with and help Rex and Joanie crew for Jamie in the 100-mile event, and to pace David for a few laps in his quest to hit 50 miles or so.  The weekend turned into one heck of an adventure.

Rex and Joanie are some amazing parents.  It is hard not to say how heart-warming it was to watch mom and dad crew for their daughter, on her way to a new personal best at the 100-mile distance - a sick 14:58! It was a gorgeous day to run loops along the Schuylkill River in Center City, Philadelphia, past some historic sites that included the Rocky statute and Art Museum steps, the Parthenon on the Parkway, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Fairmount Water Works (the first municipal waterworks in the USA), and Boathouse Row.  I even got to watch a little of the crew action at the annual regatta.

Jamie nailed it, David had a great 50.4 mile run, and me, Dan, David, Jamie, Rex and Joanie hit a Mexican restaurant for some basketball, beer and good food.  Then, the adventure began.  Iliana had come to crew for and pace Phil.  With little sleep, during Phil's final loop, Iliana took a spill off the bike she was riding, only to later find out that she had lost the keys to her car and Phil's car.  Dan and I returned to the race to help in the search, but it was fruitless.  Phil had finished the 100-miler in 23 hours, and by now had been hotel-less, shower-less and car-less for over five hours since his finish.  We ended up having to rent a car so that I could make it to my family's Easter brunch on time (only 35 minutes late), and so Iliana could drive back to NYC to retrieve her spare key (she then would have to drive back to Philadelphia to get her car and return the rental, drive to Maryland so Phil could get his spare key, drive back to Philadelphia to get Phil to his car, and then drive home to NYC - got a headache yet ?).  It was quite the adventure, but in a good way as it all worked out in the end.

A few pictures from the weekdn are below, as well as a couple of videos.  I particularly like the video of Jamie and her dad running together (he would walk to meet her for nearly every one of the 8.4 mile loops, then run her in to the start/finish area - so cool).

Early on - Joanie and Rex (blanketed in the cold)


Me and Rocky



Iliana Chilling




What Ultras Are Really About, Right  ?

Jamie and David


  1. Wow! That was some kind of adventure. Glad to hear it all turned out ok in the end.

  2. Glad you made it to dinner (almost) in time! I got back in time as well, so no double-divorce plans for us this summer! Great hanging with you this weekend. Look forward to more fun at Mohican in June!

  3. Oh man, that would suck to lose two pairs of car keys like that. Glad everyone made the most of it. I guess there wasn't a car dealership nearby to make a quick spare (which I've done after similarly unfortunate circumstances).