Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Training Summary (Badwater Training Week 8 of 10)

I can't begin this week's training summary without first offering huge congratulations to all of the participants in this weekends Western States Endurance Run, including new course record holder Geoff Roes (15:07:04) and Badwater crew member Chris Roman (23:30:45).

Several on-line articles that I read this week stated that about 2 out of every 3 runners (around 60-65% of all runners) are injured during the course of a regular year, with an "injury" being defined as a "physical problem severe enough to force a reduction in training".  Over the course of the last five years I have certainly had some "injuries", but they have only lasted for a few days at a time, and I've always been able to "run through them".  Actually, I don't think I ever really learned the value of R.I.C.E.-ing and injury (rest, ice, compression, elevation) - the best method for immediate treatment of acute sports injuries.  With Badwater looming on the horizon, it seemed only prudent to listen to the wise words of some of my best ultra running friends....and that is what I did for most of this week, and yes, it totally does help.

Monday (6/21), Tuesday (6/22), Wednesday (6/23) and Thursday (6/24) were strictly cross-training days.  Twice a day on the stationary bike, with 30-40 minutes of sauna training each day.  On Friday (6/25), it was back to running - an AM 6-miler (51:59) followed by a fun PM 5.25-miler (59:06) with Badwater crew-member Steve.  More running on Saturday (6/26) - 11.50 miles (1:57:00) with Roger, a new friend who in the 1980s ran the New York City Marathon several times, with times that included 2:37:11, 2:52:49, and 3:07:26.  He is also recorded one of the fastest American 50-mile performances in 1982, an amazing 5:30:56 at the 1982 New York City Metropolitan 50-Mile Race.  On Sunday most of the regular group got together and I hit every hill hard, finishing 11.75 miles (1:46:16) feeling great.

Elevation Profile (Friday AM Run) - Splits of 9:09, 8:36, 8:38, 8:19, 8:30 + 8:45)

Elevation Profile of Saturday's 11.5 Mile Run

Elevation Profile of Sunday's 11.75 Mile Run

Updated comparison of this year's Badwater training to last year's:

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