Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Badwater 135 - 2 For 2

We did it !  2nd go at the Badwater Ultramarathon, 2nd finish (45:58:15), 2nd buckle, and 2nd amazing experience.  There were plenty of highs and lows, all of which (that can be remembered) will be included in an upcoming race report, including a special, motivating phone call on the way to Lone Pine from Charlie Engle, time on the course with one of my 2009 crew members, Lane Vogel, fun with Alisa Springman and her crew, and an all-out push up Whitney Portal Road to the finish (which apparently included several sub-10 minute miles).

For now, a big thank you to AdventureCORPS and the entire race staff/volunteers for putting on an amazing event, and, of course, to the most awesome crew around - Chris, Eric, Herb, Meredith, Eddie, Steve and little Zoe - for a perfect effort in getting us to the finish line!


  1. Congratulations!! Looking forward to the report.....

  2. you did awesome out there. it was a privilege to be part of your journey.

  3. Good job out there. You Badwater people are crazy!!