Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Phix Challenge

A post on June 11 (see Phix Energy Drink - Product Review) reviewed Phix, an herbal supplement designed to improve energy levels without spikes, jitters, or crashes.  It contains green tea anti-oxidants, energy restoring NADH and yerba mate, and vitamins and minerals.  I've been using it regularly for the last few months, including in training, and several friends have had positive experiences with it.  Now is your chance to get some Phix for free.

It is simple and easy - predict my Badwater finish time - 3 closest predictions (and you can go over) will get samples of all three Phix flavors (Teaberry, Citron and Tropic).  To participate, leave a comment with your time prediction.

Here is some information to help you make your best, educated guess:
  • I am about 5-6 pounds lighter than I was at last year's Badwater.
  • Last 3 races = 3 PRs : 50k (4:48:24; prior was 4:58:01), 50 Mile (8:49:19; prior was 9:05:06) and 100 Mile (19:24:46; prior was 21:39:37).
  • Training Miles - Far exceeded last year's mileage since Umstead 100 (see spreadsheet below). 
  • Nursed (and still slightly nursing) a left leg/groin injury that lead to reduced mileage for the last 3 weeks.

2009 Badwater Splits


  1. I'm going with 38 hours even. Your recent injuries will only serve to make you more rested and stronger on the 2nd day. You're SO ready for this. Go get it, T!!

  2. I'm going to predict 36:32. I know that's a big improvement over last year, even with the fire delay, but I also think you can do it - injury and all. You've got wisdom working for you this time too.

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  4. Going for broke. Sub 35.

    Just start out fast and speed up after that.

    See you Sunday!

  5. 34:50. Just go out and have fun. See you soon.

  6. Hi Tony, met you briefly at Pineland. I'm going with 43:26, slight improvement and leaving room for the next time. Good luck and I hope that nagging injury abates (I have the same on the right side).

  7. I was thinking along the same lines as Cougar.
    But, this time ... no bath tub melt downs, ok? :)

  8. I am going to say 43:20:00. Best of Luck Tony!

    Angela Anderson

  9. I swear I didn't see Meredith's post until after my guess! Great minds think alike! :-)