Saturday, October 2, 2010

Race Report - Vermont 50 Mile

It has taken nearly a week to write what is a pathetically short race report on my 3rd Vermont 50 Mile Ultra Run.  Why?  I think I am still shocked that I finally got the opportunity to run this course in beautiful, non-rainy weather, without it being packed with gobs of mud (See, Race Report - Vermont MUDer Frackin'n 50 Mile).  For those familiar with the Vermont 100 course, the Vermont 50 is basically superimposed on the last third of it and actually shares less than 10 miles of it.  About 67% of the course is on trails or jeep (unimproved) roads, 30% is on smooth, rolling gravel roads, and 3% is on pavement.  It is a challenging course with good footing/traction, plenty of hills (nearly 9,000 feet of climb) and classic Vermont scenery.

The entire trip to Vermont was a mixed bag of classic, humorous moments, some way too delicate to share here, great running, and the amazing beauty of Vermont at this time of the year.  Running the entire race with good friend Chris P. of G.A.C. fame, I coasted to my best time on this course - 9:53:45.  Susan and Roger ran with us for nearly 40 miles of the course until they decided to run like the wind to the finish line.  My travel-mates, Marge, Susan and Iliana all put in amazing performances.

Many thanks to the great volunteers and race staff for making this such an enjoyable event, and for whatever they did to make sure that it did not rain this year.

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