Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Thoughts About 2011

The final preparations for Running the Caminho Da Fé are taking up quite a bit of time these days.  Last minute planning, fundraising, packing, etc...., occupy a good chunk of every day.  Yet, as is the case almost every December for the past 4 years, I still find time to put together a list of races/events that might make up the upcoming year's "Event Schedule."  It always fun to go back and look at what was thought to be the "plan" for 2010 (see, "Looking Ahead to 2010") and compare it to where things ended up.  Preliminary plans look something like this:

January - Family tradition will continue as we make our yearly trip to Florida for Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge.  It will be my 7th consecutive running of the Walt Disney World Marathon (January 9) and my 4th consecutive running of the Walt Disney World Half Marathon (January 8).  A mere week later we will welcome good friend Chris Roman to our house for the Running the Caminho Da Fé Send-Off Party, followed, of course by the event itself (January 18-25), which includes running the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon (January 21-23).

February -  Thoughts of another trip to the Rocky Raccoon 100 (February 5) are percolating.

March - Two certainties in the month of March are the Caumsett Park 50k (March 6) and the New Jersey Ultra Festival (March 19).

April - Good and bad news...I will again run the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run (April 2), and like last year I will go in with lofty goals.  However, I learned yesterday that due to a scheduling conflict Rick will not be able to make it, so,  time to post an ad - pacer/crew needed for an attempt at a sub-19 hour finish.

May - Lots of fun is planned for the month of May.  For starters, the Pineland Farms 50 Mile (May 29) has become an annual must-do event.  Even more exciting....crewing/pacing my friend Marge at the McNaughton Park Trail Runs 200 Mile (March 5-8).  I'm certainly happy she isn't doing the 500-mile event!!  A 200-mile race is going to be very challenging from both a runner and crew/pacer perspective.  We will try to get a small group together to help see her to the finish line.

June - I don't think I've ever run a race in June....suggestions?

July - There is no place that I'd rather be on July 11 than standing at the starting line of "the world's toughest footrace," the Badwater Ultramarathon (July 11-13), and if I am lucky enough to be one of the 90 runners accepted to participate, I will gladly line-up for my 3rd crossing.  Either way, I hope to be at Badwater in some capacity, whether it be as a runner, crew member or volunteer (I've always wanted to experience this event from all three perspectives).  Another option for July is the Vermont 100 (July 16).

August - Beast of Burden Summer 100.....not likely, but a chance to see Sam Pasceri again may be hard to pass up.

September - Now that I have experienced the Vermont 50 (September 25) without rain and mud, I'm itching to go back.

October - It has been a long time since I've really "run" a marathon.  The Chicago Marathon (October 9) might be the perfect opportunity to do something great.

November - I had so much fun at the Stone Cat 50 Mile this year.  I simply have to go back to see what shots Laurie has lined up for me in 2011.  There is also the Javelina Jundred (November 12) - it might be the only opportunity to have Rick as a pacer, so I can't possibly pass it up.  Knickerbocker 60k is another event that is highly likely.

December - Bartram Forest 100 again (such an easy one to travel to)?  Or, perhaps a month off to just relax and do nothing.....probably NOT.