Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Balance Movement Challenge for Challenged Athletes Foundation

Oh, I has been quite a while, but I'm still breathing. We (me, Chris, Jarom, Lynne and the rest of the Running the Caminho Da Fé crew) have been hard at work preparing for our pilgrimage that will begin in a little over 47 days. We will cover the entire length of the "Path of Faith" in Brazil, from Cravinhos to Aparecida, running nearly 350 miles over a 7-8 day period. This journey will help raise funds and awareness for both the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Casa Nossa - more info and details about this event will come in the next few weeks.

There is another way that we can help the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a cause that provides funding for adaptive sports equipment, training and competition expenses, programs and events that help challenged athletes get off the sidelines and into the game - through participation in the New Balance Movement Challenge.

"The Movement Challenge combines the excitement of racing, the fun of a running community, and the passion for a cause you care about into an exciting Movement for social awareness. As you set and exceed racing goals, rally community support for your favorite cause, and refer more Challengers, you'll earn points that will increase your chances of winning the grand price: a $25,000 donation to the winner's cause from Rodale and New Balance..."
Thus far, I have been blessed to have so many friends and supporters, so blessed that as of today I sit in first place in the Movement Challenge. It isn't just about racking up racing miles. Sure, I get 100 points for every mile that I race in 2010, but I can also get points by achieving person bests in races (500 points each), and, even more important and the reason for today's post, by referring now "Challengers" (100 points each) and rallying friends to "cheer" for me (10 points per cheer). There are many other runners in the challenge that are working hard to log miles and obtain referrals/cheers for their cause - it isn't just about logging the miles, so the more help I can get, the better.

Here's how you can help:

1. Head over to the New Balance Movement Challenge web-site :

2. On the top left-hand side of the page, click on "SIGN UP AS A RUNNER". You can choose to "Sign Up As A Fan" instead, but I'll get 100 points if you "SIGN UP AS A RUNNER", so you know what to do!

3. A registration screen will pop up. Input all the info - first name, last name, email, password...BUT, when you get to the "REFERRAL CODE" line, insert my referral code - a36eea2b-58df-45cf-9816-5fe21637dcc3 (just copy and paste it from here). Then click the box "I agree to the Terms and Conditions". If you don't want to get any email from New problem.....just don't click on the second "opt-in for email updates" box. "Continue".

4. On the next page, fill in more info...age, gender, address, city, state and zip code. You won't get any mail, and I have a slew of friends that have simply put in "private" for their street address with no problem. Click "Continue".

5. One more a category and a cause. Of course, you can choose "Community" for your category and "Challenged Athletes Foundation" as your cause, but if you don't it is o.k. as it doesn't have an impact on the referral points. Click "Continue" and you are done!

You can even throw me an additional 10 points after you "SIGN UP AS A RUNNER" by going to my page and clicking on "CHEER FOR THIS RUNNER".

It is really a simple process.  Yet, if all that is too confusing, but you still want to support my efforts, send me an email to a gmail account I created just for the New Balance Movement Challenge - - with your email address and info, and I'll be happy to sign you up.

Thanks to everyone that has supported this cause so far, and thanks in advance to those of you that I know will support us in the coming weeks!


  1. Done and done. Very cool! I see you're #1 in the rankings right now.. (:

  2. Thanks Steve!!!! So far we are good, but all it takes is other runners to get a bunch of "referrals" and we could be out of luck. So, pass it on to all of your friends!!!

  3. Done. how do i see overall standings?