Friday, January 14, 2011

Time to Run the Caminho Da Fé

On Sunday I will embark on an epic adventure in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation with friends Chris Roman, Jarom Thurston and Lynne Hewett, as we attempt to become the first known individuals to run the entire length of the Caminho Da Fé (Path of Faith) in Brazil, covering around 350 miles (more or less) over a 7 day period (see a map of our planned route here :  I am looking forward to this adventure with unexplainable excitement.

What is most important is not simply covering the distance, or becoming the first to do so.  Our hope and primary goal is not only to become “pilgrims” but to also raise funds and awareness for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, an amazing charity that provides opportunities and support to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. It is not to late to make a donation in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation online at the following link :

We arrive in São Paulo, Brazil on Monday, January 17 and our planned running schedule is as follows :

Tuesday 1/18 – Thursday 1/20 : Run from Cravinhos to São João da Boa Vista (approximately 133 miles), stopping each night.

Friday 1/21 – Sunday 1/23 : Run the Brazil 135 Mile Ultramarathon, from São João da Boa Vista to Paraisópolis, running continuously until we finish.

Monday 1/24 – Tuesday 1/25 : Run from Paraisópolis to Aparecida (approximately 84 miles), stopping each night.

With the help of a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, starting on Monday, January 17 you will have the ability to track our progress in near real time using Google Maps at the following link : – this link will NOT go “live” until we arrive in Brazil on Monday.

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger will send our GPS coordinates to our Shared Page map every 10 minutes while we are in motion (assuming we are in a location that permits it to obtain a satellite signal), so make sure to check the map often to see where we are and where we have been. The only negative with the Shared Page, but it is not a big negative at all, is that the default setting on the Shared Page calls for it to display the "Messenger Route" by drawing an orange line between each successive way-point recorded on the map. Of course, this can lead to the mis-reporting of our actual route as the line drawn is simply the shortest distance between the two way-points (which are taken every 10 minutes). But, this feature can be turned off by each person accessing the Shared Page - simply right click on any one of the Track Progress messages on the left hand side of the map page and select "Hide Messenger Route," and that will do it.

Again, the link to the Running the Caminho Da Fé tracking Google Map is

There are so many people to thank for this tremendous opportunity:

First and foremost, Chris Kostman, and Mario and Eliana Lacerda. Without their vision and unyielding dedication to ultra-endurance sports, the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon and these types of opportunities would be few and far between. By establishing, developing and supporting events like the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon and the Badwater Ultramarathon, they have created forums that encourage athletes to challenge, and learn from, themselves in epic races in extreme conditions - opportunities that exist nowhere else. They provide a true opportunity to experience the triumph of the human spirit, and for that we are forever grateful.

Clóvis Tavares de Lima and his wife they will be supporting us on this adventure, and, by the way, Clóvis is one of the founders of the Caminho Da Fé.

All of our sponsors: The Challenged Athletes Foundation, Phix Energy Drink, Drymax Socks and Cleanse Organic.

Rick Gaston for his tremendous work in designing the Running the Caminho Da Fé t-shirt, and Emmy Stocker for all of her hard work in organizing the production and distribution of them.

Finally, of course, we cannot adequately express how grateful and appreciative we are for the amazing support and encouragement of our family and friends, as well as for the many donations that have been made to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Without that support and encouragement, none of this would be possible.


  1. Wishing you guys all the best on your adventure. I am sure it will be another incredible journey of learning. See you Sunday. Peace

  2. Good luck Stud, when it gets tough think about my sorry fat ass working at corporate, that should get u moving again - lol

    Truly enjoy the experience Tony you guys are going to have a blast,


  3. Best of luck to all of you on your adventure. I cannot wait to follow you starting tomorrow. I am so proud of all of you and what you are doing in regards to running as well as fundraising.