Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pilgrimage Report : Running the Caminho Da Fé - Introduction

It has only been 6 days since our return from Brazil and Running the Caminho Da Fé, and it is still hard to grasp just how special this adventure was.  Lots of people have sent emails asking about a "race report" and when one would be up.  Running the Caminho Da Fé, even though it included the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon, was everything but a race.  It was an adventure...a pilgrimage, and it was absolutely amazing.

For starters, the runners (myself, Chris and Jarom) were a perfect trio.  From day one we acted as brothers, and throughout the 7 day, 14 hour journey that bond grew immensely.  Our crew, carefully assembled, was flawless.  Clóvis and his wife (founders of the Caminho Da Fé) were with us for the first 3 days of our journey and acted as our trusted advisers.  Lynne and Glauber, the dream team crew, attended to all of our needs without hesitation.  It was, at times, almost as if we had done this before.

Certainly, everyone had their moments of misery and despair.  It wasn't all smiles and laughs.  There was plenty of suffering.  Yet, we all knew that there would be moments where we would be tested as a group, and, in my mind, we all passed those tests with flying colors.

In the coming days I will be posting a report/summary of our pilgrimage from Cravinhos to Aparecida, broken down as follows :

Post #1 - Arrival and Day 1 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (Cravinhos to midway between Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Tambaú)
Post #2 - Day 2 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (to Vargem Grande do Sul)
Post #3 - Day 3 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (to outskirts of Aguas da Prata)
Post #4 - Days 4, 5 and 6 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon) - special note : in this post you will learn how to get your Garmin to work and record data for 55+ hours.
Post #5 - Day 7 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (Paraisópolis to Campos do Jordão)
Post #6 - Day 8 of Running the Caminho Da Fé (Campos do Jordão to Aparecida)
Post #7 - Final Thoughts on Running the Caminho Da Fé

There will be plenty of videos and pictures that will hopefully capture what it was like to be on the Path of Faith for 7+ days.  

Chris's wife (Erin) came up with the theme for this pilgrimage, one that we always looked to in times of despair.  She said, "Go, live, suffer, grow...make it happen."  I can say that all of us involved in Running the Caminho Da Fé went, lived, suffered and grew.  We did this as individuals and as a family.  We made it happen.

Lots more to come! 

P.S. - You can still be a part of Running the Caminho Da Fé by making a donation in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation at the Caminho Da Fé may be complete, but the needs of challenged athletes continue.  Any support, big or small, is greatly appreciated.


  1. No post on the send off party?

  2. This sounds like an amazing adventure. I'm looking forward to reading the details... (and the Garmin tidbit definitely piqued my curiosity.)