Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pilgrimage Report : Running the Caminho Da Fé - Arrival & Day 1

There is no doubt that we were all ready to get Running the Caminho Da Fé started.  A novel idea that was concocted by me and Brian Krogmann shortly after the 2010 Brazil 135 Ultramarathon had grown into a grant event.  And, what better way to kick it off than a send-off party at my house with special guest Chris Roman and friends Steve, Elena, Eric, Tani, Ken, Sue, Todd, Marge, Emmy, Aaron, Kassy, and the BXL crew of Maor, Matt and Tamara - quick plug for BXL...if you are ever in Times Square (43rd between 6th and Broadway) or the East Side (51st between 2nd and 3rd) make sure to stop by BXL for some great Belgian food and drinks!  The send-off was fantastic and plenty of beverages were consumed.

Joey, Me, Ken and Steve

Chris, Me, Ken and Emmy


Elena, Me and Marge

Me, Ken and Emmy

Chris, Me and Some Fine Belgian Beer

Our flight left JFK for Brazil at 9:30 PM on Sunday, with a scheduled 10:00 AM arrival on Monday.  Clearing customs was relatively painless, and we soon met up with Lynne (she had flown from New York the day before to Rio, and then that morning from Rio to São Paulo).  We waited a bit for Jarom and Glauber to arrive, then we were off to rent our wheels for the journey.

Lynne, Monica, Me and Chris in São Paulo

Our 4 x 4
A long drive to Cravinhos followed by a wonderful dinner with Clovis and his wife...we were ready to start our Journey.

Day 1 - Approximately 56 Miles

What an amazing start to Running the Caminho Da Fé.  We had expected to encounter a lot of rain, but not today.  It was simply HOT and hilly (as expected).  We moved well to start.  Jarom began to experience stomach issues as he appeared to fall behind on his fluid and food intake.  I've seen Jarom hurl a few times before (even caught it on video at last year's BR135) isn't a pretty sight, and it wasn't pretty this time.  Yet, we made sure to pick each other up in times of trouble, and putting in 56 miles on day 1 was a huge accomplishment.

Glauber Having Fun