Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pilgrimage Report : Running the Caminho Da Fé - Day 3

After two days, 103 miles, lots of climbing and plenty of rain, a short Day 3 was a welcome sight.  Or was it?  We awoke to an all too familiar Brazil sound - pouring rain!  Jarom, who had suffered for much of day 1 with hydration and stomach issues and appeared to have worked out those issues on day 2, started the day off with some very impressive vomiting in the hotel parking lot.  Of course, the day ended with an absolutely sick, cold downpour, one that forced Jacksonville heat-loving Chris shivering as we hiked up some steep hills.

We were, however, excited to get to São João da Boa Vista and race check-in for the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon.  Sitting at dinner later that night, we discussed Jarom's ability to continue this journey.  He was having second thoughts, thinking that he was somehow slowing the rest of us down (NOT).  The dehydration and stomach issues had gotten to his psyche.  The decision became easy...there was no way we were letting him give in, and we were certainly glad that he didn't.

The Buffet of the Caminho Da Fe


  1. that video was great. what conditions! You guys did awesome getting thru everything thrown at you.

  2. And on Day 3 they shall climb :)))

  3. ...and all that before the 135 mile "race" ahead! Thanks for encouraging me to not give up guys, it was truly a miracle that I ressurrected by the next morning (day 4) for the Brazil 135!!!