Sunday, April 17, 2011

Badwater Training Week In Review (April 11 - April 17)

This is actually somewhat of an "odd" week training-wise.  Although it marked the kick-off of "official" training for the 2011 Badwater Ultramarathon (Monday, July 11), it simultaneously acted as a 2nd recovery week from the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Couple that with a nagging case of Anterior Tibial Tendinitis and you've got a battle of competing goals.

Monday, April 11 - The positive...I woke up and trained.  After a week of being a tad on the lazy side following Umstead, a 4:30 AM training session was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I certainly realized how behind I am in strength/weight training as Tony Horton and his P90X Chest and Back DVD literally kicked me silly (boy to I have some work to do).  And the Ab Ripper X portion...forget it.  I was laughing out loud as I attempted to perform some of those exercises.  But, I finished it, worked hard, and hit the stationary bike for a short 20 minute ride.

Tuesday, April 12 - The first post-Umstead 100 run, a simple, short 2 miles to see where things stand with the tendinitis.  Yes, 2 miles is not much of a training run, but it yielded a lot of good information about where my injury stands - no pain, but still tight and noticeable when running up/down hills.  More P90X today as well, this time the jump-training of Plyometrics which provide a fantastic lower-body workout.

Wednesday, April 13 - Using the knowledge that was gathered from yesterday's 2 mile run, today was another "no running" day.  Instead, a dose of P90X Shoulders and Arms, and Ab Ripper X.  Now, the Ab Ripper X portion consists of 16 minutes and 7 seconds of abdominal insanity.  329 reps of abdominal exercises (if you can keep up with Mr. Horton).  I'm still only able to do about half of them.

Thursday, April 14 - Another try at running today...again, 2 easy miles.  Today was a "better" run, with less tightness in the tendon/shin.  I have been told that yoga can do wonders for your general fitness and athletic performance, and in the past I have attempted to work a yoga program into my training.  45 minutes of the P90X Yoga X reminded me how uncoordinated I am.

Friday, April 15 - P90X Legs and Back, and another bout with Ab Ripper X.

Saturday, April 16 - 6 miles in 56:26.  Short, easy run at Rockefeller State Park Preserve, plus an hour of P90X Kenpo X.  This is the longest I've run since Umstead 100 and it is clear that I will have to ease my tendinitis-plagued shin back into things.  

Sunday, April 17 - Woke with some soreness in the shin and opted for 45 minutes on the stationary bike and some stretching.

I feel positive about the start of some serious training.  I am certainly rested from the 100-miler two weeks ago, and if I can keep an eye on the tendinitis, things should fall into place nicely.  A great addition to this year's Badwater training is the addition of my wife to the crew.  We had a little "sit-down" to discuss working on my nutrition and eating/drinking habits and how to change them over the next 12 weeks, a task that I know will be extremely difficult.

Totals for this 2nd post-Umstead 100 recovery week:

Running Miles - 10.0
Stationary Bike - 65 minutes
Weight Training/Other Cardio - 5 hours 50 minutes

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  1. Tony, I love these training summaries. Keep em coming.

    :) Dusty