Sunday, April 24, 2011

Badwater Training Week In Review (April 18 - April 24)

There are less than 80 days until the 2011 Badwater Ultramarathon.  That seems like plenty of time to get fully prepared for the daunting challenge, but when you are recovering from an injury it is extremely important to not push things.  Easing back into a steady training schedule before ramping up the mileage is essential to becoming and remaining injury free.  Thus, while in my heart I wanted to pound the pavement this week, get back to hill repeats, and up my long run miles, I continued to "play it safe" in order to insure that my bout with tendinitis doesn't turn into something worse.  The tendon is still slightly swollen, but it had no negative impact on the short training runs that I put in during the week.

Two weeks of P90X is complete, and I've been able to follow the schedule quite well due to pulling back on running miles.  While the workouts do not take more than an hour and a half of my time, I can envision what will happen when my running session increase in the coming weeks - schedule overload.

Monday, April 18 - P90X Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X.

Tuesday, April 19 - 4.20 miles in 38:30 without any tendinitis issues followed by 1 hour of P90X Plyometrics.

Wednesday, April 20 - P90X Shoulders and Back and Ab Ripper X.

Thursday, April 21 - 5.00 miles in 46:12, but did not have time to do Yoga X.

Friday, April 22 - P90X Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X, then a 2 hour hike with my 10 year old at Rockefeller.

Saturday, April 23 - 9.50 mile run/hike at Bear Mountain in plenty of rain with 2,336 feet of ascent and descent.  We were out there for nearly 3 hours (by far my longest stint of running since Umstead).  The shin held up well.

Sunday, April 24 - 12.05 miles in 1:47:14 (8:53 pace).  Much different run than yesterday and, finally, some warmer weather (in the 60s).  Running with speedy Peter H. and James today, I learned two things - tendinitis/shin splints don't want to leave me alone and I need to ease back into things after a 3 week layoff.  Time for Easter festivities!

Totals for this week:

Running Miles - 30.75
Stationary Bike - 0
Weight Training/Other Cardio -4 hours 40 minutes


  1. Nice ego stroke to be referred to as "speedy". Guess its all relative. Thanks for the company this morning. Sorry if I pushed you (and your tendonitis) too hard.

  2. My husband and I are going to start P90x in a week. I've done it before but didn't notice results because I didn't follow the diet. Are you doing the diet, too? I'm going to try to cut back on my miles and focus on strength training; something totally new to me. I'm hoping my endurance will somehow stay up, though. I'll be interested to see how your progress goes.

  3. Hi Clara! I can never seem to get the "diet" part of things right. I'm trying, but I have a particular affinity for Belgian beer, so... :)

    Good luck with your training and with P90X!!