Friday, May 27, 2011

Badwater Training Week In Review (May 16 to May 22)

This post is coming a little on the late side, but last week was a busy one, and it showed in overall training.  However, I am running my 4th Pineland Farms 50 Mile this coming Sunday.  Last year I went into that race having already put in over 50 miles of training for that week, plus 120 miles the week before, and, even without the race-week rest I was able to put in a decent PR time of 8:49:19.  Who knows what will happen this Sunday, but it is a great, well organized race, with fantastic entertainment and free beer!  And, they don't just offer a 50-miler.  Two days of BBQ, family events, and seminars are warm-ups to the bevy of events - 5k, 10k, Barefoot 5k, 5k Canicross, 25k, 50k and 50 miles!

June is going to be one hell of a training month...a big push to be ready for Badwater.  That means a few things:

First, the return of sauna training...oh joy.  

Second, and more important, a fund-raising push in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  It is always a difficult task, but this is a charity that I truly love.  What most people don't know is this - any Badwater race entrant that raises at least $6,000 for CAF gets their entire Badwater race entry fee returned to them.  That is $995 back in my pocket.....NOT.....As is always the case, if we are able to raise the $6,000 entitled us to a refund of our race entry fee, every penny of the $995 refund is going straight to CAF!

So, if you can, please, please, please head over to my CAF Personal Page and donate (no amount is too small)!

Monday, May 16
5:00 PM - P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, and 200 reps of ab work.  A much, much better workout than the one last Monday.

Tuesday, May 17
4:43 AM - 6.10 miles in 57:17 (9:23 pace).  After an easy 2 miles or so, ran pick-ups of about 2:30 in length for 2+ miles, then finished at a good pace.  The weather here remains awful.  Nothing but rain for days now.  While I enjoy running in the rain, I'm looking forward to a run without it.

PM - Somehow I forgot to do my Plyometrics workout. 

Wednesday, May 18
5:18 AM - 6.00 miles in 51:36 (8:36 pace).  Guess what...circles in the rain.

Thursday, May 19
2:00 PM - P90X Back and Biceps

Friday, May 20
6:40 AM - 11.50 miles in 1:50:52 (9:38 pace).

Saturday, May 21
6:56 AM - 10.00 miles in 1:39:44 (9:58 pace).

Sunday, May 22
7:03 AM - 13.00 miles in 1:56:35 (8:59 pace).

Totals for the week:

Running Miles - 46.60
Weight Training / Cross Training - 2 hours


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