Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jeading to Javelina Jundred

Heading out to Fountain Hills, Arizona for this weekend's (my 4th) Javelina Jundred 100 mile race.....well, 101.4 miles to be exact.  The course consists of six 15.4 mile loops on the Pemberton Trail, followed by a seventh, 9 mile "partial" loop using the Pemberton and Tonto Tank Trails.

The latest communication from the race directors suggests the potential for an unusual weather year here:
Javelina Jundred Runners,

It looks like our typically desert heat wave may be in jeopardy this weekend as a storm is predicted to move into the area by Saturday.  Current forecasts are calling for highs in the mid-sixties and lows in the low-fifties.  Add in a 30 to 50 % chance of rain over the weekend, and we could be looking at some cold conditions out on the course this year, especially through the night.  We urge you to be prepared by bringing cold weather gear (gloves, hat, rain jackets, ponchos, etc) and having them in your drop bags.  Crews and pacers should also plan accordingly by bringing along rain gear and umbrellas just in case. 

We'd also like to share the link for our race weekend live results and webcam one more time:

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!


Jamil & Nick Coury
Race Directors
Javelina Jundred

I am again lucky to have Rick Gaston as a pacer (he has paced me each of the prior 3 years at Javelina).  Our 3 prior finishes :
2008 - 26:41:35
2009 - 23:42:11
2010 - 22:57:26
2011.....anything can happen.  For incentive.....if I'm able to best my 2010 time of 22:57:26, for every minute under that time I will donate $0.50 to each of the following charities that I have supported this year:

For those as challenged at math as I am at times, each hour "under" is worth $30 to each charity (or, $120 total).

Anyone want to provide me with some added incentive and join in with a pledge to these great charities (or any one of them, or one that you support) if I can hit the "under"???  You can do a flat pledge for going under my 2010 time.   Or even just $1 for every hour that I'm under (if I can - it will be a challenge).  Either way, you'll be helping out great causes.

You can see live results and the webcam on Ultracast.  I am bib # 34.

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  1. great idea with the charities
    best of luck out there
    you got this