Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bartram 100 Mile and Thoughts on 2012

It has been less than 4 weeks since putting in 101.4 miles at Javelina.  Rested?  Recovered?  I sure hope so, as on Saturday we will try to notch our 5th 100+ miler in 2011 at the Bartram 100s.

Bartram 100 Mile is run on a 6.25 mile loop on forest service roads and some trail, but mostly dirt and grass.  Yes, that would mean 16 loops.  Probably the best part of the weekend will be getting to see Jason Overbaugh and Chuck Mathison - two Badwater crew members who will be coming out to throw down a couple of loops with me.  With Jason comes his amazing girlfriend, Dani Grabol.  Dani just finished riding her bike across Florida - 420 miles in 27 hours and 54 minutes - setting a record for such a feat.

In addition to being the holiday season, it is also the "planning season" - time to start thinking about what in in store for 2012.  Thus far, registrations are complete for two 100-milers - Iron Horse 100 on February 18 and Umstead 100 on March 31.  A 5th Javelina 100 on October 27 is almost a certainty, and the Keys 100 on May 19 is in the works.  Also in consideration :  Long Haul 100 on January 21 and San Diego 100 on June 9.

The usual 50-milers and 50ks will fit in here and there, including Pineland Farms 50 Mile on May 27 and Vermont 50 Mile on September 30.

Missing is the marathon distance.  Perhaps a return trip to the Chicago Marathon or Twin Cities Marathon on October 7,  or the New Jersey Marathon or Long Island Marathon on May 6.

Then there is also the Furnace Creek 508.....would love to give that a try.

Thinking about running 4 100-milers in consecutive months (Javelina / Bartram Nov/Dec of 2011 and possibly Long Haul / Iron Horse Jan/Feb of 2012), I thought of the great Monica Scholz and her 25 100-mile finishes in 2010 (the original plan and her results can be found in this post, "Monica's 3000+ Mile Odyssey").  Planning all of that must have been insane.  Running them all.....can't even imagine.

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  1. Tony, as always your schedule blows my mind. 6 100milers in a year!! crazy! if you decide to run a marathon im thinking Long Island in may and hartford in october.