Tuesday, December 4, 2012

(Re) Running the Caminho Da Fé

7 days, 14 hours 9 minutes, 28 seconds – the time it took in January of 2011 for me, Chris Roman, Jarom Thurston, and our crew (Clóvis, his wife, Lynne and Glauber) to cover the 345 miles of Brazil’s Path of Faith, including a 55 hour continuous run of the Brazil 135 Mile Ultramarathon.  Two years have passed since that epic pilgrimage. 

January 16, 2013 . . . we are back, and again in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, as Chris and I will attempt to complete a slightly longer route (≈351 miles) on the Camino Da Fé in just 6 days.  The plan is as follows:

Jan. 16:  67.1 miles from São Carlos to Tambaú

Jan. 17:  66.3 miles from Tambaú to Aguas Da Prata

Jan. 18:  71.5 miles of the Brazil 135

Jan. 19:  63.5 miles of the Brazil 135 to Paraisópolis

Jan. 20:  38.5 miles from Paraisópolis to Campos do Jordáo

Jan. 21:  44.8 miles from Campos do Jordáo to Aparecida

Further details to come . . . 


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